One reason to file your 2020 tax return early

The IRS announced it is opening the 2020 individual income tax return filing season on February 12. (This is later than in past years because of a new law that was enacted late in December.) Even if you typically don’t file until much closer to the April 15 deadline (or you file for an extension), consider filing earlier this year. Why?

The Importance of Bank Reconciliations for Your Small Business

Small business owners are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, especially when it comes to the financial management side of their business. However, one area of financial management that deserves more attention from small business owners is bank reconciliations as it’s a task that is often put off or done inconsistently or incompletely.

The Red Flags are Many when Borrowing from your Retirement Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people borrowing from their companies’ qualified retirement plans, and the CARES Act provides some temporary rule changes to this loan type. However, given the risks and costs of borrowing from a retirement plan, it should generally be viewed as a last resort.

Managing Cash Flow During a Crisis and Beyond

Your cash flow is the financial story of your business. It tells the story of your high points and low points, where the money comes in and goes out, and is the lifeline of your business in times of crisis.